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CEO Message

"To rescue a patient suffering from a sudden illness or injury" and "To be a medical doctor who can help a patient in emergency". I've aimed of becoming an emergency physician and have been working on medical treatment and research.

Over the past two decades, advance in medical science contributed to save more patients, but on the other hand, I've recognized there are many issues that medical science alone can't solve.

Today, our daily life is improving steadily due to the progress of technology. I also want to apply new technology to acute care and save more emergency patients with flexible and original ideas. I founded Smart119 with this ambition. Our goal of Smart119 is “Innovation for reliable future medical cares".

CEO Dr.Taka-aki Nakada
Professor and Chairman, National Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Management Team

MD, Ph-D. Taka-aki Nakada

President and
Representative Director / CEO
Professor, National Chiba University
Deputy Director, Chiba University Hospital

Professor and Chairman
Department of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine,
National Chiba University, Japan.

Responsible for ER (Emergency room: 8000 patients/year ) and ICU (Intensive Care Units: 26 beds, 2000 patients/year)
Graduated National Chiba University and acquired Ph-D. Former Researcher at British Columbia University.

Yasuo Yamao

Managing Director
Chief Technical Officer

Serial Entrepreneur, working in the tech industry for 25+ years.
Founded his own company in 1998. Livedoor (currently LINE Corporation), bought out his company and Yamao joined as Senior Executive Officer of Livedoor.
Founded 178 Jobbank in Taiwan, and sold to Dream Technology (JASDAQ).
Graduated National Tokyo University.

Minako Koga

Chief Sales Officer
Head of Business Development

Former Sales Executive Officer of LINE Corporation.
Responsible for Corporate Business Group.
Contributed to the rapid growth of the company at business account and advertisement.
20 years+ career of sales in the tech business.

Major Shareholders

  • MITSUI SUMITOMO INSURANCE Venture Capital Co.,Ltd.
  • Sony Innovation Fund
  • PKSHA Capital
  • SPARX AI & Technologies Investment Co., Ltd.


Local governments

  • Chiba prefecture
  • Chiba city
  • Yamanashi prefecture
  • Sapporo city
  • Higashihiroshima city
  • Kawasaki city

Medical institution

  • Chiba University Hospital
  • Kansai Medical University Hospital
  • Osaka General Medical Center
  • Shimane University hospital
  • Rinku General Medical Center
  • National Center for Global Health and Medicine
  • Japan community health care organization Osaka hospital

Academic associations

  • Japanese Association for Acute Medicine
  • The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine

Research Advisors/Collaborators

National Chiba University
 Honorary Professor Emergency and Critical Care Medicine ex-Professor Dr.Shigeto Oda
 Center for Frontier Medical Engineering Director/Professor Dr.Hideaki Haneishi
 Center for Frontier Medical Engineering Professor Dr.Toshiya Nakaguchi
 Graduate School of Engineering Professor Shingo Kuroiwa

Company History

  • 2016.11 The Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) adopted the research and development project "Smart119 Project," a project for research and development of medical devices and systems to realize future medical care, which aims to develop technologies that enable injured and sick people to receive correct medical treatment quickly at emergency sites. (about 300 million yen)
  • 2018.05 Establishment of a joint-stock company to implement Smart119
  • 2018.11 Awarded the Venture Cup CHIBA Grand Prix
  • 2018.12 ACES implemented at National Center for Global Health and Medicine Hospital
  • 2019.01 CHIBA VISICON Chiba Entrepreneur Excellence Award, ITEC Management Mentor Club Award, and bayfm Award
  • 2019.02 Published paper on the effectiveness of Smart:DR (now respon:sum) Am J Emerg Med. 2019;37:351-355.
  • 2019.02 Grand Prize, Venture Club Chiba Business Plan Presentation
  • 2019.03 Smart:DR (now respon:sum) new features announced
  • 2019.04 Smart:DR (now respon:sum) new function development started
  • 2019.09 ACES implemented at Kansai Medical University Hospital
  • 2019.08 Raised a total of approximately 90 million yen in funding from Nissay Capital, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital, and Chiba Bank Capital
  • 2019.10 Selected for AMED's "Advanced Medical Devices and Systems Technology Development Project (Fundamental Technology Development Project)(Representative Director Takaaki Nakada of Smart119 Inc. as a Principal Researcher) Subcontracting Institution: Chiba University
  • 2019.11 Industrial Technology Award, 9 Principal Local Governments
  • 2017.07 Smart:DR (respon:sum) is patented (Patent No. 6166114)
  • 2020.07 Smart119 is introduced to the Chiba City Fire Department
  • 2020.12 "Staff health management function" is added to Smart:DR (respon:sum)
  • 2021.03 President Takaaki Nakada received Venture Development Fund Award at the 25th Chiba Prefecture Excellent Business Manager Awards Smart119 inc. received the highest award in the Chiba Prefecture Acceleration Program
  • 2021.03 Released "Japanese Guidelines for Sepsis Treatment 2020" application
  • 2021.04 Smart119 is patented (Patent No. 6875734)
  • 2021.08 Received funding of approximately 300 million yen from Nissay Capital, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital, Sony Innovation Fund, and PKSHA SPARX
  • 2021.09 Smart119 was selected in the life science category of the "TRY! YAMANASHI! Experimental Support”
  • 2021.11 "COVI-CO (Covid-19 Coordination Powered by Smart:DR)", a hospitalization coordination support system for pregnant and nursing women infected with a new type of coronavirus, is introduced in Chiba Prefecture.
  • 2022.06 Higashi-Hiroshima City decides to introduce Smart119

Company Profile

  • Company Name Smart119 Inc.
  • Established 2018/5
  • Representative Director / CEO Dr.Nakada Taka-aki

  • Address 7F Building 2 Chiba Central Twin Building, Chuo 2-5-1, Chuo-ku Chiba-shi , Chiba, 260-0013, Japan ( GoogleMap)
  • Paid-in capital 398,336,350 JPY
  • Share Holders Managment Team
    Nissei Capital
    Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Capital
    Chiba Bank Capital
    Sony Innovation Fund
    PKSHA Technology Capital / SPARX AI & Technologies Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Business Smat119:Emergency medical information sharing system supported by AI
    ACES: Acute Care Elastic System
    respon:sum: System for controlling medical staff in case of Disaster
  • Certification ISMS
    JIS Q 27001:2014(ISO/IEC 27001:2013)
  • Clients Chiba-city, Shimane Univ, Kansai Medical Univ, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Japanese Association for Acute Medicine, Japanese Society of Intencive Care Medicine etc.
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