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For Local Government and Hospitals


Emergency medical information sharing system

This service combinine the experience of emergency doctor with IT / AI technology, and under the support of voice recognition / AI support, the resident / ambulance team can input information efficiently on smartphones and tablet PCs, which enables faster information sharing to medical institutions.
We have already distributed tablet PCs equipped with this service to all emergency teams in Chiba City and are conducting system verification experiments, with the aim of introducing them to more local governments in the future.

Official site (English)

Emergency Medical Information Service (Patent No.6875734)

For Individuals

Smart119 smartphone app

Emergency Medical app

Simply register all the necessary information for emergency service on the mobile application in advance, in case of needing emergency care, registered informations such as, medicines you are currently taking and illnesses (hospitalization and hospital history), can be convey to the emergency team and doctor more effectively. It is an application that support you receiving correct emergency care faster.

(Patent pending)

For Hospitals

Smart DR (Disaster Response)

System for controlling medical staff in case of Disaster

For solving the initial disaster response issue.
This is a service that can strengthen the crisis management system at the time of disaster in a hospital.
1. Easy and fast notification of disasters to all staff.
2. Responses to emergency communications (including safety confirmation (2)) can be grasped in real time.
3. Smartly manage the registration and placement of staff members who gather at the hospital.

Offical site (only Japanese)

Emergency request system (Patent No. 6166114)

For Medical Offices and Laboratories

Smart RA (Research Archive)

Archiving sytem for research documents and materials

Various deliverables such as conference presentations and papers are produced by universities, medical institutions, and medical offices.
The deliverables can be easily registered and archived.
Enable the deliverables to be use in a more efficient way, such as creating a collection of achievements, updating specialists, and sharing presentation contents.

Smart Work

Controlling shift work and attendance managment system

It takes time and effort for doctors and nurses to create shift tables and attendance management.
According to the demands of the site, we are developing a system that helps the creating process more easily.
We are aiming for a system that matches the number of people on site and various shift patterns.
In addition, it is possible to make tabulations according to the actual situation, such as "work or self-study", "research", and "out-of-office", which are problems in the work style reform of doctors.


Acute Care Elastic System

The sudden increase in demand for emergency medical care has led to a decline in the quality of medical care due to a shortage of human resources.
This system will strengthen your hospital emergency patient acceptance system.
1. Can make urgent contact to necessary doctors more easily, quickly and flexibly when in needs of increased medical services.
2. Real time response to emergency contact can be grasped.
Cooperation with LINEWORKS is also possible.

Emergency request system (Patent 6166114)

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