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CEO Takaaki Nakada gave a speech at "Startup Seminar 2023" held on November 7

On November 7, 2023, "Startup Seminar 2023" (co-hosted by Chibagin Research Institute Corporation, Chiba Bank, supported by Musashino Bank, Bugin Economic Research Institute, The Bank of Yokohama, and Hamagin Research Institute) was held, at which our CEO Takaaki Nakada gave a speech titled "Emergency Medical DX - Smart119 Opens the Future".

Considering the national focus on nurturing startups, the "Startup Seminar 2023" was held to introduce examples of advanced startups in Chiba Prefecture and the efforts of local governments to support them, share issues, and provide necessary information and hints to increase the number of outstanding entrepreneurs in the prefecture.

As a start-up company run by a physician himself, he gave a lecture on his efforts to improve the efficiency of emergency medical services through DX.
You can watch the video on YouTube "Chiba Bank Official Channel".

- Chiba Bank Official Youtube Channel
Startup Seminar 2023 - Increase the number of outstanding entrepreneurs in Chiba Prefecture
Our CEO on stage


(Media Introduction) Our company was introduced in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun electronic version on November 7th

On Tuesday, November 7, our company was introduced in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun's electronic edition as "Smart119 and Kakogawa City, Hyogo, Demonstrate Emergency Medical Information System".
Our AI project to predict emergency demands was selected for the "Kakogawa City Subsidy for Technology Demonstration Support Project Using Information and Communication Technology" for fiscal year 2023.
The implementation of the technology demonstration using the emergency medical information system "Smart119" was introduced.

-Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun electronic edition (*Registration required)


(Media Introduction)Our company was introduced in the Hokkaido Shimbun's electronic edition as "Startups Expand Business in Hokkaido through Demonstration Experiment with the Local Government -Some Companies have Moved Headquarters".

On September 22, our company was introduced in the Hokkaido Shimbun's electronic edition regarding the demonstration experiment of the "Local Innovation Challenge HOKKAIDO," an open innovation project of the local government. The article also mentioned that the demonstration experiment will be conducted again this year and that we have been commissioned to build the "Sapporo City Transfer Support System".

-The Hokkaido Shimbun electronic version (members-only article)


(Media Introduction) Our emergency medicine information system "Smart119" was introduced in "47NEWS" (Kyodo News) on September 12

Our emergency medicine information system "Smart119" was introduced in "47NEWS" (Kyodo News) on September 12, with a title "DX streamlines emergency medicine - Shared information enables reduction in transportation time - Expected to remove work load of the emergency crew".

Along with an interview from our CEO Takaaki Nakada, the article describes the features and utility of Smart119 as follows: 1. sends batch requests, 2. enables immediate treatment on arrival, and 3. reduces workload stress.
It states the point of view from a questionnaire about workload stress of emergency crews conducted by Professor Tanaka of Kokushikan University at the Japanese Society for Emergency Medicine's conference.

-"47NEWS" (Kyodo News)


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We have confirmed the fact that on or about September 12, 2023, a "spoof e-mail" was sent by a third party posing as our employee.

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