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(Media Coverage)Medical Business Continuity Support System "respon:sum" was introduced in "iza!", Sankei Digital News Site

An article reporting "respon:sum", our medical business continuity support system was released on August 22 in the Sankei digital news site "iza!."
The article reports the history of development and features of "respon:sum", and "COVI-CO", a support system to arrange hospital admission for pregnant women under the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article can be viewed on the link below.


(Media Coverage) Emergency Medical Service "Smart119" was introduced in Nikkei Shimbun

Our emergency medical supporting service Smart119 was introduced in an article "Local Power Startups" in the Nikkei Newspaper morning edition (local economic page) on August 9th.
The article reports that the system facilitates the communication of information on injured patients and their transportation by digitizing the emergency medicine scene.

This article is also available on Nikkei Digital(paid subscription).


(Media Coverage) Our Co-developing CRT measurement device was introduced in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

An article "Smart119 and Chiba University to develop and commercialize a prototype of a portable CRT measurement device" was published in the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper on August 4th.
It introduces a prototype of a CRT(capillary refill time) measurement device in a joint research between the Center for Frontier Medical Engineering and Intensive Care Department of Chiba Univesity.

This article is also published in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun electronic edition (paid subscription).


(Media Publication) Smart119 Manga was featured in Nippon Television NEWS

Our Smart119 Manga Series "How to use AED" was introduced in Nippon Television NEWS.

Manga Guide to Electric Shock Lifesaving Devices|Nippon Television NEWS


(Media Publication) CEO Nakada answered an interviewed in Medical Journal

Our CEO Nakada answered an interview in an article "Special Interview" in the July 2nd issue of "Medical Journal", Japan Medical Journal.

The government cites the promotion of medical DX in the "Honebuto Policy 2022".
In the interview, our company is introduced as promoting DX in medical care by commercializing Smart119, an emergency medical information system, and "respon:sum", a medical business continuity supporting system.

This article is also available on "Web Medical Journal".

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