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Data for the medical field
We aim to save more patients by solving medical field problems with flexible / original ideas and advanced technology.


"To resuce a patient suffering from a sudden illness or injury" and "To be a medical doctor who can help a patient in emergency". I've aimed of becoming an emergency physician and have been working on medical treatment and research.

Over the past two decades, advance in medical science contributed to save more patients, but on the other hand, I've recognized there are many issues that medical science alone can't solve.

Today, our daily life is improving steadily due to the progress of technology. I also want to apply new technology to acute care and save more emergency patients with flexible and original ideas. I founded Smart119 with this ambition. Our goal of Smart119 is “Innovation for reliable future medical cares".

CEO Dr.Taka-aki Nakada
Professor and Chairman, Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine

Research & Development

AMED (Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development)
"Research and development of information system for fast and accurate emergency and critical care」 (2016-2019)
"Research and development of emergency medical prediction algorithm" (2019-)

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Research Advisors/Collaborators
National Chiba University
 Honorary Professor Emergency and Critical Care Medicine ex-Professor Dr.Shigeto Oda
 Center for Frontier Medical Engineering Director/Professor Dr.Hideaki Haneishi
 Center for Frontier Medical Engineering Professor Dr.Toshiya Nakaguchi
 Graduate School of Engineering Professor Shingo Kuroiwa

In addition, we are promoting several projects to improve acute care using computer science.

  • Venture Cup CHIBA Grand Prize(2018)
  • CHIBA business contest, Entrepreneur Excellence Award, ITEC Award, bayfm Award(2019)
  • Venture Club Chiba business plan contest Grand Prize(2019)
  • Nine pref/city Industrial Technology Award(2019)
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