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(Media Publication) Smart119 Manga was featured in Nippon Television NEWS

Our Smart119 Manga Series "How to use AED" was introduced in Nippon Television NEWS.

Manga Guide to Electric Shock Lifesaving Devices|Nippon Television NEWS


(Media Publication) CEO Nakada answered an interviewed in Medical Journal

Our CEO Nakada answered an interview in an article "Special Interview" in the July 2nd issue of "Medical Journal", Japan Medical Journal.

The government cites the promotion of medical DX in the "Honebuto Policy 2022".
In the interview, our company is introduced as promoting DX in medical care by commercializing Smart119, an emergency medical information system, and "respon:sum", a medical business continuity supporting system.

This article is also available on "Web Medical Journal".


(Media Publication) Smart119 was featured in "Prehospital Care"

Smart119 was introduced in the June 20th issue of "Prehospital Care, Volume 169" (Tokyo Horei Shuppan).
The article is titled "Demonstration Experiment of Smart119, a Next-generation Emergency Medical Support System That Improves the Efficiency of Emergency Transport and the Lifesaving Rate in Yamanashi Prefecture" and includes a detailed report on the demonstration experiment conducted under the "TRY! YAMANASHI! Demonstration Experiment Supporting Project".

"Prehospital Care, Volume 169" is available at Fujisan, an online magazine bookstore.


(Media Publication) Smart119 was introduced in Asahi Shimbun newspaper

Our emergency medical system Smart119 was introduced in Asahi Shimbun's morning edition dated June 15th (lifestyle page) in the article "Aiming to Save Time and Improve Efficiency of Emergency Medical Services With ICT".
The article reports on Smart119 as a new emergency medical system utilizing ICT, with functions such as batch reception requests to hospitals via tablet terminals and AI predictive diagnosis.

This article is also available on "Medical Website Asahi Shimbun Apital" in "Asahi Shimbun Digital". (*This is a paid version.)


CEO Takaaki Nakada appeared in an interview program "VISIONING VOICE" from NEXs Tokyo

"VISIONING VOICE" is a program where startups challenging to expand their business can connect with their supporters and fans to step up to the next stage.
Our CEO Takaaki Nakada appeared in an interview program in which NEXs Tokyo, a transit point for startups, collaborates with Nikkei Group to focus on the startup company's executives and deeply dive into their three "kakushin (core, innovation, and conviction)".
Under the theme of "Utilizing ICT to create a reliable future medical care", he talks about his motivation of starting this business and his future visions.

■NEXs Tokyo:Smart119 Takaaki Nakada "Utilize ICT to create a reliabe future medical care"

The program can be viewed from the URL above.

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