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(Lecture Announcement) Our CEO Takaaki Nakada will give a special lecture "Pioneering the Future of Emergency Medicine - Smart119" at the DMIL Special Lecture.

Our CEO Takaaki Nakada will give a lecture at the DMIL Special Lecture (hosted by the Digital Medical Innovation Lab, a general incorporated association) On June 19th (Wednesday) from 8:00 PM.

Titled "Pioneering the Future of Emergency Medicine - Smart119", he will discuss the emergency medical support system "Smart119", which was developed to solve issues in the emergency medical field. The lecture will cover the system's mechanisms, achievements at various implementation sites, and the realization of "reliable healthcare" through the use of digital technology.

This lecture will be held online via ZOOM.
There are no requirements to participate, and non-members of the conference can also participate by registering in advance. Please apply through the "Register for Participation" link on the following webpage:

Event Overview
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 19, 2024, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Special Lecture Theme: Pioneering the Future of Emergency Medicine - Smart119
*Opening Remarks*
-Greetings from the Chairman
-Greetings from the Moderator

*Special Lecture*
-Greetings and Lecture by the Speaker

*Q&A and Discussion*
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-Q&A and Discussion

-Closing Words from the Moderator

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