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Dr. Nakada, our CEO, explains COVID-19 countermeasures for restaurant employees in a Manga

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◆Point 1: How to work to reduce the spread of infection

1) Work assignments.
・Work assignments: Follow the rules of when you should not go to work.
 ×When you are ill
 ×When you are positive for COVID-19
 ×When it is within 14 days after having contact with a COVID-19 positive person

・Create an environment where employees can take a sick leave from work or leave early when needed
 -Perform daily physical condition checks
 -Skill training preparing for sick leaves

・Adjustment of shifts to avoid overcrowding
 -Adjust shifts so that the number of staff in the store at the same time is not too large.

・Protect high-risk employees
 -Put older employees or those with underlying medical conditions in backyards or other locations with less exposure

2) Hygiene management during work
・Wash hands carefully
 -Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
 -Wash hands before and after preparation of food, and after touching garbage.

・Disinfection and cleaning to avoid infection
 ◎Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched items
 ◎Schedule for more frequent cleaning
 ◎Use of masks by all employees
 ◎Close shared lounges for breaks as much as possible

◆Point 2: Organizing the space in a way that reduces the spread of infection

1) Let's check inside the store
・Are cleaning and ventilation equipments installed and functioning?
 -Hand washing stations
 -Foot pedal type trash cans
 -Ventilation equipment

・Do you have enough hygiene equipment?
 -Hand soap
 -Products for hand wipes
2) Ideas to avoid denseness
・Keep tables at least 2 meters apart.
・Set up a partition to prevent droplets from spreading
・Set up a 2m guide on the floor of the waiting line
・A system to avoid crowded waiting lines (app, numbers, etc.)
・Take-away service
・Drive-through service
・Installation of outdoor seatings

3) Ideas to avoid infection through objects
・Cashless payment
・Use of trays when exchanging cash and credit cards
・Use of disposable items (dishes, napkins, etc.)

COVID-19 countermeasures for employees in restaurants as taught by an emergency and intensive care physician

Dr. Taka-aki Nakada
CEO of Smart119 Inc.
Professor of the Department of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine

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