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Our CEO, Dr. Nakada, explains "The right way to wear a mask when you go out"

The right way to wear a mask when going out

Taka-aki Nakada
Representative Director, Smart119 Co.
Professor, Department of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine

◆Key points for handling masks at dinner
-When removing your mask temporarily, put it in a dry, breathable bag to keep it clean
-When removing the mask, be sure to wash your hands and disinfect your fingers with a disinfectant spray
-When reattaching, make sure the front and back sides are on the same side
-After reapplication, wash your hands and disinfect your fingers again

◆The CDC's (*) opinion on "Dinners with masks" and key points
Indoor settings such as restaurants and bars increase the chance of interacting with people within about 2m of you, increasing the risk of infection. Wearing a mask frequently can help reduce this risk.
-Wear a mask unless you are eating or drinking
-Wear a mask when talking to restaurant staff

◆Key points for handling cloth masks
-Wet or damp masks are harder to breathe through and are less effective than dry masks
-If your mask becomes soiled with sweat or make-up, replace it
-Change your mask if it becomes soiled with sweat or make-up (carry more than one if possible)
-Soiled masks should be sealed in a plastic bag until they are ready to be washed

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