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Our CEO, Dr. Nakada, explained "Precautions after vaccination against COVID-19" in a Manga

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"Precautions after vaccination"

Taka-aki Nakada
Representative Director, Smart119 Inc.
Professor, Department of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine

◆Point 1: Three key points of vaccines
・Preventing from becoming severely ill
・There is a possibility of getting infected even after vaccination
・Efficacy of the vaccine against new mutations and transmission from vaccines to others is unknown

◆Point 2: Continue to take measures to prevent infection even after vaccination.
・Even after vaccination, infection control measures should be taken according to the rules and regulations of the community, workplace, and facilities visited
・Basically, continue with infection control measures as usual.
・If there are infected people around you, monitor your own health condition and be aware of the appearance of symptoms

◆Point 3: What does "vaccination completion" mean?
・Two-dose vaccine
  Pfizer/Moderna: 2 weeks after the second vaccination
・Single-dose vaccines
  Johnson & Johnson*: 2 weeks after vaccination
*: Vaccines manufactured by Johnson & Johnson are not approved in Japan (as of July 2021).

◆Point 4: Check the vaccine information even after vaccination
・Whether additional vaccination (3rd dose) is needed
・Duration of immunity
・Efficacy against mutated strains

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