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Smart119 held "Corporate and Service Information Session for the Press"

Smart119 held "Corporate and Service Information Session for the Press" at Tokyo Medical and Dental University Innovation Salon on May 10th.


At the beginning of the session, CEO Takaaki Nakada from Smart119 Inc. gave an overview of the business and the development history and deployment of its main products, "Emergency Medical Information Sharing System Smart119" and "Medical Business Continuity Support System respon:sum". Then Midori Nakayama, Account Executive of the Business Development Department reported the results from the demonstration experiment of "Emergency Medical Information Sharing System Smart119", which was conducted as a part of "TRY! YAMANASHI! Demonstration Experiment Supporting Business" held by Yamanashi prefecture. Finally, Director and CTO Yasuo Yamao explained about the "advanced technology of Smart119 Inc."

During the following Q&A session, the press attended asked many questions about our business, which contributes to "solving difficulties in emergency transportation" and "improving life-saving rates" by utilizing advanced technology such as ICT and AI in emergency medical care.

The session was also held online, and nearly 20 companies, including newspapers, medical magazines, and TV stations participated.

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