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Kakogawa City, in which we are participating in a demonstration project, seeks opinions and ideas from citizens through an online platform "Decidim"

Our emergency medical information system "Smart119" has been adopted by "Kakogawa City Digital Technology Demonstration Support" for the purpose of "reducing emergency transport time by utilizing AI" and is now being implemented as a technology demonstration project.

Kakogawa City, which aims to become a smart city through DX, is soliciting opinions and ideas from citizens for this technical demonstration using Decidim, a participatory consensus building platform.

The purpose of this technical demonstration is to solve "life-threatening" issues for citizens, such as difficult emergency transport cases and prolongation of emergency operation time.

The main content of the demonstration is to use AI to analyze and learn from past statistical data to forecast the demand for emergency medical services.
The resulting forecasts will be used to visualize areas of high emergency incident frequency, and will be utilized in the deployment and organization of emergency teams, thereby contributing to prompt emergency operations.

Kakogawa city regards citizens' ideas as meaningful opinions that lead to stable living.
They reflect the opinions they receive in the creation of a better system, aim to solve issues through DX and realize a secure and comfortable life, starting from the field of emergency medical services.

Together with its citizens, Kakogawa city will deliver "reliable future medical care".

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Initiatives for Solving Future Issues (Digital Technology Demonstration Support)
Reducing the time required for emergency medical services by utilizing AI

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The "Participatory Consensus Building Platform 'Decidim'" is an online tool for participatory democracy projects that assembles diverse citizens' opinions online, consolidate discussions, and link them to policies.

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