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(Media publication) Smart:DR was introduced in the Kyushu Medical Journal

Smart:DR was featured in the March 20, 2021 issue of the Kyushu Medical Journal.

Smart:DR is a disaster countermeasure system developed for medical institutions and is equipped with a "staff health information management function" including the input of "post-vaccination side reactions". Medical staff who have been vaccinated are now required to keep a health observation logbook, but this system reduces the burden by eliminating the need to fill in and store paper forms. The system will also contribute to data collection on signs of adverse reactions after vaccination by collecting data on body temperature and physical condition, which are entered daily by many staff members.

â—†About "Smart:DR," a disaster response system for medical institutions

-Easy input of health information, efficiency of aggregation and centralized management with little effort-
Every day at a certain time, a notification with the URL of the questionnaire form will be sent to the staff's smartphones or other devices via LINE or e-mail. The staff member selects their temperature, physical condition, and attendance status from the screen and replies with a single click (Patent Registration No. 6166114). The replied data is stored in the server and automatically managed centrally. This eliminates the need to fill out and submit forms and input data into a PC, making health management more efficient.

-Functionality based on a thorough understanding of the medical field-
In the case of staff members who have tested positive and have been placed on home leave, the "Staff Health Management Function" can be used to grasp their recent work status and extract candidates for intensive contact within the hospital based on detailed body temperature information. The system provides items based on a medical point of view to aggregate and manage high quality health information and prevent clusters from occurring.

-Ability to respond to emergencies during disasters and flexibility of implementation-
The system provides centralized management to expedite emergency response in the event of a large-scale disaster (e.g., confirming the safety of staff, convening a limited number of DMATs, etc., and assigning personnel to first-aid stations). The system flexibly responds to regulations and emergency measures that vary from medical institution to medical institution, and provides an optimized system. The system is designed with a view to smooth transition of operations while utilizing existing systems.

â—†Introduction of the "Smart:DR" disaster countermeasure system for medical institutions
Smart:DR" was developed as a disaster countermeasure system for medical institutions to support information sharing and redeployment of personnel to emergency sites in the event of a disaster, terrorist attack, or other emergency. The system has already been introduced at Shimane University Hospital and Rinku General Medical Center, and the Osaka Acute and General Medical Center has tested the effectiveness of the "Staff Health Management System" to centrally manage the health status of its staff, demonstrating its effectiveness in preventing cluster outbreaks.

Health Management DX after New Corona Vaccination] Trial operation at Osaka Acute and General Medical Center started on March 8.

Rinku General Medical Center Begins Using Adverse Reaction Check and Health Management System after New Corona Vaccination

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