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"Smart:DR" has been installed at Chiba University Hospital

Chiba University Hospital, which uses the "Smart:DR" disaster countermeasure system for medical institutions, began vaccinating about 2,600 of its employees against the new coronavirus infection on March 15. On March 16, the next day after the vaccination, a function to centrally manage the occurrence of adverse reactions by requesting employees who have been vaccinated to report their body temperature, physical condition, and attendance status through "Smart:DR" went into operation.

With the start of the vaccination of healthcare workers against COVID-19, about 20,000 people are required to keep a health observation logbook, and it is necessary to consolidate and report the contents written on paper in an analog manner.
We have updated the existing disaster countermeasure system for medical institutions, "Smart:DR", which has a "staff health information management function", to add "post-vaccination value" in order to reduce the burden on the busy medical staff and to enable correct data to be collected as soon as possible.
By using this system, it is possible to streamline health management operations by eliminating the steps required for filling out and submitting documents and entering data into a PC.

For details, please refer to the press release below.

Smart:DR" for Health Management after Corona Vaccination Begins to be Used at Chiba University Hospital

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