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Starting the installation of "Smart:DR" at the Sakuragawa Regional Medical Center

We are pleased to announce that the Sakuragawa Regional Medical Center (founder: Sakuragawa City, Ibaraki Prefecture / designated administrator: Ryujinkai Medical Corporation) has introduced and started operating the "Smart:DR" (patent number: 6801848) disaster crisis management system enhancement service on April 16, 2021.
The Sakuragawa Regional Medical Center is a community-based medical institution consisting of 250 employees, with nine medical departments and 128 beds. It collaborates with neighboring medical institutions, nursing homes, home care support offices, and community comprehensive support centers. The "Smart:DR" system introduced at the center was developed in accordance with the Business Continuity Planning (BCP), which is designed to help hospitals and companies minimize damage, continue operations, and recover in the event of a disaster, terrorist attack, or other emergency. This system also has a function to respond to a new type of coronavirus infection, considering a pandemic as a natural disaster.

â—†Reasons for the introduction of this system at the Sakuragawa Regional Medical Center
(1) To prepare a system in case of disaster
(2) To ensure thorough health management of employees
(3) To promptly conduct vaccinations and monitor the health management of employees afterwards

As a regional core hospital, Smart:DR was recognized and introduced as an effective system for any emergency situation.

The Medical Center has 250 employees and supports community healthcare. Smart:DR will help all staff members to respond to citizens in case of unexpected situations.

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