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Our CEO, Dr. Nakada, explains the latest version of "Tips for face masks" in manga

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Taka-aki Nakada
CEO, Smart119 Inc.
Professor, Department of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine, Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine

◆How to wear a face mask properly
-Wash hands or disinfect hands before wearing
-Cover the nose and mouth and secure under the chin
-Do not touch the face mask after wearing it
-Make sure it is easy to breathe

◆How to choose a face mask
-Recommended disposable face masks
-Has multiple layers of non-woven fabric
-Has a nose wire

If it needs to be adjusted many times, it is not fitting properly. Try a different type or brand.

◆Incorrect ways of wearing face masks
-Put it on your neck.
-Put it on your forehead
-Covering only the nose
-Hanging from one ear
-Drape it over the arm

◆Reasons why "sticking out the nose" is not a good idea
1) The nose expresses a large number of ACE2 receptors (*), so it is important to cover and protect it.
2) Respiratory droplets are also released from the nose, and if the face mask is not worn properly, droplets will leak through the gaps.
*ACE2 receptors are substances in the body that are thought to be related to corona infection.

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