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The "Deployment Department Diagram Function" has been added to Smart:DR

We have announced the addition of the "Deployment Department Diagram Function" to the "Smart:DR" disaster countermeasure system for medical institutions (Patent No. 6166114).
This function supports disaster medical operations, including the allocation of personnel to medical aid stations and the reorganization of medical teams in response to changes in the situation.
In addition, the 10th Osaka 8.8 Million People Drill, a large-scale disaster evacuation drill scheduled for September 3, 2021 (hosted by Osaka Prefecture), was cancelled due to unseasonable weather, but Rinku General Medical Center (Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture; President: Shizuya Yamashita), a local independent administrative corporation, conducted a summoning drill using this system and confirmed its effectiveness in supporting disaster medical care.

◆Background of Additional Functions
In the event of a disaster, medical aid stations are set up by the Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters of the local government, which decides on the facility (hospital or temporary facility) and dispatches operational personnel (medical aid team leader and relief team) based on the Local Disaster Prevention Plan and the Disaster Medical Aid Activity Manual. Operational management tends to be analog in nature, using whiteboards, mock-up papers, and sticky notes (with names, affiliations, job titles, and specialties) at the headquarters. There are many issues such as loss of stickies and lack of clarity on whether the information is updated or not, and local governments and medical institutions have been asking if it is possible to digitize the information.

◆Demonstrating Smart:DR's Disaster Response Capabilities in Disaster Drills
The Rinku Medical Center, which plays the role of a disaster medical center in Izumisano City, has introduced Smart:DR with the addition of a department map function. The medical center conducted a drill using this system on September 3, 2021. It was demonstrated that the system is capable of confirming the safety of staff members and requesting them to assemble after a disaster occurs, assigning the assembled staff members to the appropriate departments, and establishing a disaster medical system as soon as possible.

◆Grasping the overall picture of disaster medical care and strengthening response capabilities for disaster mitigation
Smart:DR's new "Assigned Department Map" function enables the assignment of personnel to first aid stations in a single application. Information on personnel, such as first aid stations, medical team composition, and assigned departments, is centrally managed on the headquarters PC, including staff safety confirmation and assembly requests, and displayed in a systematic organizational chart to provide a complete picture of disaster medical care. This will enhance the following response capabilities at the headquarters through the use of a projector for magnified projection.

-Initial response: Establish a systematic disaster medical system within 72 hours, which is considered to be the time limit between life and death.
-Transitional response: Prompt reorganization of personnel in response to changes in the situation (damage, number of first-aid stations, arrival of DMATs, etc.)

◆Features of Smart:DR
 -Emergency communication to staff, safety confirmation
 -Real-time grasp of the status of emergency gathering and support for optimal personnel allocation
 -Automatic aggregation of health management information based on a medical point of view
 -Replies can be completed with a single click, and no login is required
 -The system has a bulletin board function that can be used even during normal times

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