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Smart119 has been selected as a finalist in the ICF Business Acceleration Program 2021

Smart119 Inc.(Head Office: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, President/CEO: Taka-aki Nakada), a medical startup company originating from Chiba University, is pleased to announce that its emergency medical service "Smart119" (Patent No. 6875734) has been selected as a finalist in the ICF Business Acceleration Program 2021, an acceleration program of the Future Vision Initiative (managed by Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.).
The final screening will be held on December 10, after two months of mentoring starting in early October.

◆Future Process
Early October to early December: Mentoring program
 -Business model building for business development
 -Support for industry and business analysis, sales channel development, etc.
 -Discussions on business strategies to bring about greater social impact
December 10 (Friday): Final judging session

Our goal is to create a "future healthcare where everyone can rely on" and we started our business to solve social issues in healthcare. We see this selection as an opportunity to enhance our mid- to long-term strategy, development capabilities, and business sustainability through co-creation with the open, multi-stakeholder network infrastructure of ICF and the Mitsubishi Research Institute. We will continue to make further contributions to healthcare that is safe and reliable for consumers.

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