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Kyowakai Medical Corporation started using "Smart:DR"

Kyowakai Medical Corporation is a community-based medical institution with 3,600 employees and 2,521 sickbeds, operating five hospitals in Hyogo Prefecture (four in Kawanishi City (including designated management) and one in Nishinomiya City) and two in Osaka Prefecture (one in Suita City and one in Toyonaka City), as well as four nursing care facilities and providing home support services in each region.

"Smart:DR" was developed in accordance with Business Continuity Planning (BCP), which is designed to help hospitals and companies minimize damage and continue or recover from business operations in the event of a disaster, terrorist attack, or other emergency.In addition, considering COVID-19 as a natural disaster, we have added a "staff health management function" to deter hospital clusters and monitor changes in physical condition before and after vaccination, thereby supporting community medical care under a pandemic.With the release of the app version in July 2021, the system can be used on smartphones and tablet devices, making it even easier to implement.

Kyowakai Medical Corporation is developing a comprehensive regional health care system that includes medical bases that collaborate with each other in a wide area of Hyogo and Osaka, as well as home nursing and other home support services. Having experienced the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, Kyowakai needed to strengthen its comprehensive regional disaster medical care, which led to the introduction of Smart:DR. In addition, by adopting an application version of Smart:DR that can be carried around, it is possible to incorporate it into disaster countermeasures even when the staff is dispersed, such as in the case of home nursing.

◆Main background of the introduction at Kyowakai Medical Corporation
 (1) We want to manage the health of our employees throughout the corporation in COVID-19 pandemic.
 (2) In the event of a disaster, we would like to confirm the safety of our employees and quickly request a gathering.
 (3) We want to maintain a means of contacting each staff member in case of emergency from medical facilities and home support businesses that operate in a wide area.

◆Features of Smart:DR
 -Emergency communication and safety confirmation for staff
 -Real-time grasp of the status of the group in an emergency, and support for optimal staffing
 -Automatic aggregation of health management information based on a medical point of view
 -Replies can be completed with a single click, and no login is required.
 -The system has a bulletin board function that can be used even during normal times.
 -An application version is available for smartphones and tablet devices to utilize the above functions.

Smart:DR supports the disaster countermeasures for medical institutions that provide comprehensive health care, such as medical centers in a wide area and home support services such as home nursing visiting each patient's home, by using ICT.

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