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respon:sum" was introduced at Kobe Kyodo Hospital

■Press Release

We are pleased to announce that "respon:sum", our medical business continuity support system was introduced and started operation by Kobe Medical Cooperative Association Kobe Kyodo Hospital.
The hospital, located in Nagata-ku, Kobe City, the area struck in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, provided disaster medical care as the relief station. Based on this experience, the hospital has been promoting a business continuity plan (BCP) to minimize damage and provide quick medical care in the event of a disaster. This system, developed in accordance with the BCP for disasters that all medical institutions nationwide are required to formulate, will improve the hospital's provision of disaster medical care.

Kobe Medical Cooperative Association Kobe Kyodo Hospital is a hospital with approximately 350 employees and 167 beds (86 general, 48 recovery-phase rehabilitation, 19 palliative care, and 14 community comprehensive care) that provides comprehensive medical and nursing care from acute to chronic phases with the aim of offering "reliable medical care available for anyone, anytime". It is a medical institution close to the community, providing home and institutional support in cooperation with local health, welfare, and other medical institutions, and actively responding to requests for hospitalization and examinations from general practitioners through the establishment of a "Community Medical Department Community Relations Section".

"respon:sum" was developed in accordance with the business continuity plan (BCP), which is designed for hospitals and companies to minimize damage and ensure business continuity and recovery in emergency situations such as disasters or terrorist attacks. The "respon:sum App Version," which can be used on PCs in hospitals and digital terminals (smartphones and tablets) owned by each staff member, has functions to confirm the safety of hospital staff, request assembly, and distribute messages simultaneously, supporting the assembly and organization of staff in the event of a disaster. In addition, the "Deployment Department Map" function enables the sharing of information on personnel assignments to multiple first-aid stations in the disaster area, making it possible to construct a flexible disaster medical care system in a disaster area where conditions can change rapidly.

Kobe Kyodo Hospital conducted a trial operation of "respon:sum" during a disaster evacuation drill in October 2021, and confirmed its effectiveness in supporting disaster medical care, leading to its introduction. The hospital is located in Nagata-ku, Kobe City, the disaster area of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (Jan 1995), and has experience of serving as a rescue center for disaster victims. The "respon:sum" system, which can be used on each staff member's digital terminals, will strengthen the hospital's disaster countermeasures to support the lives of local residents from a medical standpoint.

◆respon:sum features
・Staff safety confirmation and emergency communication
・Real time monitoring of staff gathering status in emergency cases
・One-click reply. No login required
・The display board function available also during normal times.
・Provides an app version for digital terminals (smartphones and tablets).

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