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We won the Grand Prize in the Chiba City Acceleration Program

Smart 119 Inc. (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, CEO: Taka-aki Nakada), a medical start-up company originating from Chiba University, won the "Grand Prize" at the Chiba City Acceleration Program (C-CAP) held on March 25. Chiba City received the "Grand Prize" in the "Chiba City Acceleration Program" held on March 25.
The Chiba City Acceleration Program (C-CAP) was established in fiscal 2020 as a short-term, intensive program to support individual companies. In fiscal 2020, the Chiba City Acceleration Program (C-CAP) was established as a short-term intensive program to provide individual support to companies. Three companies selected for the program were provided with five months of business growth support (individual mentoring, problem-solving courses, and presentations of results).

◆Dr. Taka-aki Nakada, president of our company, commented on winning the C-CAP Grand Prize
We were selected to participate in the Chiba City Venture Support Program (C-CAP), where we were given programs by instructors and practical guidance by mentors. At the end of the program, I was very happy to receive the Grand Prize. I am especially grateful to Ms. Lijuan Zhang and Mr. Takuya Shiraishi of the C-CAP Administration Office for taking charge of the project. Thank you very much. We will continue to contribute to a virtuous cycle of improved medical care and economic growth in Chiba City through development that solves problems in the medical field.

◆About the selection of the "Chiba City Acceleration Program"
Smart119 Inc. has been selected as the first student of this program based on the following conditions.
(1) Full of enthusiasm for achieving goals and business growth
(2) Have a vision of future business expansion throughout Japan and overseas
(3) Aims to solve social issues and create new value.

The fact that we were selected as one of the first students for the Chiba City Acceleration Program (C-CAP), which was established with the With/After Corona era in mind, and that we were selected for the Grand Prize is a result of the evaluation of our company's embodiment of the management philosophy "Creating future medical care that provides peace of mind," our achievements, and our future potential.
Smart119 Inc. was established in the field of emergency medical services, and has been working on the development of systems to solve problems that exist in the field. Local medical care is obligated to protect the lives of residents, and solving medical issues is a social contribution that brings peace of mind to residents. To this end, we have been researching and developing both hardware and software, and have been creating new value for medical care through manufacturing, sales, operation and management, and related consulting. We are convinced that this will be beneficial to medical care throughout Japan and overseas.

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