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The application of "Japanese Guidelines for the Treatment of Sepsis 2020" has been released

Smart119 has developed a medical support application that allows users to view and search the Japanese version of the Guidelines for the Treatment of Sepsis 2020, which was jointly prepared by the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine and the Japanese Society of Emergency Medicine, on smartphones and tablet devices.
Smart119 CEO Taka-aki Nakada, who is also a professor of emergency and intensive care medicine at the Graduate School of Medicine, University of Chiba, participated in the development of this application.

"Japanese version of sepsis treatment guidelines 2020 app"
The JJ-SSCG 2020 app is designed to make the guidelines more useful for sepsis treatment at the bedside. We have also developed an application with functions such as a diagnostic flow display and SOFA score calculation to support decision making on clinical issues. This application strongly supports appropriate diagnostic decisions towards sepsis in clinical settings. This application is a highly portable guideline that can be viewed on smartphones and tablets at the bedside. It also has excellent searchability and a function to calculate severity scores.

"I would like to save more emergency patients by introducing new technology to the field of acute care, and by being flexible and creative." --Smart119, which I started with this in mind, will actively work on things that can be used in clinical settings to support medical personnel and contribute to "saving lives".

Download link for the app version of "Japanese Guidelines for the Treatment of Sepsis J-SSCG2020
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Smart119, an application version of the "Japanese Guidelines for Sepsis Care 2020", has been released for medical professionals.

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