The Covid-19 Vaccine-Development Multiverse (N Eng J Med. 2020.07.14)

The speed with which this vaccine has been developed is remarkable -- from publication of the first SARS-CoV-2 sequences through phase 1 in 6 months, as compared with a typical timeline of 3 to 9 years (Fig. 1). The rapid pace of development of vaccines against Covid-19 is enabled by several factors: prior knowledge of the role of the spike protein in coronavirus pathogenesis and evidence that neutralizing antibody against the spike protein is important for immunity; the evolution of nucleic acid vaccine technology platforms that allow creation of vaccines and prompt manufacture of thousands of doses once a genetic sequence is known; and development activities that can be conducted in parallel, rather than sequentially, without increasing risks for study participants. The safety and immunogenicity data in this preliminary report are promising, and they support continued development of this vaccine. However, we must bear in mind the complexity of vaccine development and the work still to be done before Covid-19 vaccines are widely available. Many phase 3 studies fail because of incorrect identification of the dose that best balances safety and efficacy. The dosing regimen for this mRNA vaccine is still under study. The 250-μg dose did not appear to be associated with markedly higher antibody titers than the 100-μg dose, but it was associated with a higher proportion of severe systemic adverse events. As the investigators indicate, it is prudent to evaluate doses of 100 μg and lower to define the regimen that provides the most appropriate benefit-risk profile for this vaccine. Another special dosing consideration in this case is age: the immune functions that decline with age and that are likely to be responsible for the greater risk of severe Covid-19 in older adults may also lead to poor vaccine responses. Will a high-dose Covid-19 vaccine be needed for effective protection of older adults, as observed with influenza vaccines?


The authors indicate that a planned phase 3 trial of this mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is imminent; the trial will require thousands of subjects in order to confirm the safety of the vaccine and to show statistically robust efficacy in preventing Covid-19. The operational complexity inherent in a large study is compounded by the undulations of the pandemic; efficacy can be determined only if there is a match between the location of vaccinated participants and pandemic hot spots. Uncertainty regarding the expected efficacy profile also drives complexity; the profiles observed for other viral vaccines suggest that efficacy against severe Covid-19 may be higher than efficacy against mild disease. Careful selection of primary end points and event-driven study designs with the possibility of sample size reestimation should be considered. Accelerating the development of Covid-19 vaccine candidates beyond phase 1 depends on continued parallel tracking of activities and fulsome resources. The world has now witnessed the compression of 6 years of work into 6 months. Can the vaccine multiverse do it again, leading to a reality of a safe, efficacious Covid-19 vaccine for the most vulnerable in the next 6?

Covid-19ワクチン開発のマルチバース (N Eng J Med. 2020.07.14)

このワクチンの開発スピードは驚くべきものであり、SARS-CoV-2の最初の配列の発表から第1相までの期間は、一般的な3~9年のタイムラインと比較して6ヶ月であった(図1)。Covid-19に対するワクチン開発のスピードの速さが実現しているのには、いくつかの要因がある。コロナウイルス発症におけるスパイク蛋白質の役割に関する先行知識、スパイク蛋白質に対する中和抗体が免疫に重要であるという証拠、遺伝子配列がわかってしまえばワクチンの作成と数千回分の投与量の迅速な製造が可能になる核酸ワクチン技術プラットフォームの進化、そして、試験参加者のリスクを増大させることなく、逐次的にではなく並行して開発活動を行うことである。本速報の安全性と免疫原性のデータは有望であり、本ワクチンの継続的な開発を支持するものである。しかし、ワクチン開発の複雑さと、Covid-19ワクチンが広く利用できるようになるまでにはまだやるべきことがあるということを念頭に置かなければならない。多くの第3相試験では、安全性と有効性の最善のバランスがとれる投与量の特定を誤り、失敗している 。このmRNAワクチンの投与レジメンはまだ研究中である。250μgの投与は100μgの投与に比べて顕著に抗体価が高いわけではないようだが、重篤な全身性の有害事象の割合が高くなっている。研究者らが示すように、100μg以下の投与量を評価して、このワクチンに最も適切なベネフィット・リスクプロファイルを提供するレジメンを定義することが賢明である。この場合のもう一つの特別な考慮事項は年齢である。年齢とともに低下する免疫機能は、高齢者におけるCovid-19の重症化リスクを高める原因だと考えられているが、それがさらにワクチンの反応を悪くする可能性があるからである。インフルエンザワクチンで見られるように、高齢者を効果的に保護するためには、高用量のCovid-19ワクチンが必要になるのだろうか?



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